Within the intricate machinery that powers internal combustion engines, the camshaft plays a crucial role in regulating engine performance. Understanding the intricacies of how this component functions provides a glimpse into the precision required for combustion engines to operate seamlessly. In this blog, we will discuss the nature of a combustion engine's internal workings, specifically dissecting how the camshaft collaborates with the drive shaft, thrust plate, and chain sprocket, as well as other components.

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The construction of a typical aircraft is quite complex, requiring millions of parts to establish the entire assembly. For a Boeing 747, around six million parts are needed, half of which are solely made up of fasteners. Fasteners are crucial for any assembly, creating temporary or permanent joints to secure parts together. Aircraft fasteners come in many types, some of which are used for structures big and small. While screws are often an overlooked component of many assemblies, they are crucial for the construction of a typical aircraft. Depending on the area in question, many types of screws may be used, examples including the AN526 screw, the AN366 screw, the truss head screw, and many others. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common types of screws that are found on typical aircraft assemblies, allowing you to better understand the role of each and their importance.

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Given that we see car tires blow out on the freeway pretty often, it’s a wonder why we don’t see the same thing happening with aircraft tires. With how much weight they support on landing, and the fact the aircraft is flying at about 170 mph, this is an amazing feat. The tires are designed to support about a 38-ton load, and this is accomplished primarily through the amount of pressure they contain. Because of the tire material and pressure, they have incredible strength and endurance. They can land 500 times before needing a retread, and they can be retreaded about seven times before needing to be completely replaced.

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