Landing gear used for aircraft is designed to support a vehicle’s overall weight and provides stability during landing, take-off, and on-ground operations. However, the type of landing gear installed varies according to an aircraft’s design, weight, and intended purpose. In particular, tailwheel-type landing gear is the conventional choice for smaller aircraft, and they incorporate two wheels affixed toward the plane’s center of gravity, alongside a small skid or wheel toward the end of the aircraft to support its tail. Considered a variation of tricycle gear, such landing gear was originally created in 1929 by Waldo Waterman. While it is common to see small, modern propeller aircraft utilizing a tailwheel type undercarriage, they are not suited for larger, heavier-than-air aircraft.

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An aircraft engine mount is a structural component that holds the engine and connects it to the frame or body of the aircraft. These mounts must be a highly sturdy foundation in order to hold and support the aircraft engine with all of its movements. Normally, an aircraft engine mount takes the form of a web to bolster support and hold the engine steady as it vibrates while running. The mount also serves the function of safely distributing these vibrations across the entire aircraft to make for a smooth flight. This also prevents damaging vibrations from ruining critical components of the aircraft.

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Combustion engines are recognized for their high speed and high internal compressions that require systems that produce very high ignitions from sparks plugs. In particular, ignition systems are one of the only systems that utilize spark plugs as their source of electrical energy. With this in mind, this blog will cover the magneto ignition system, a type of ignition system wherein a magento is used to generate electricity. 

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