How Strap Duplicators Work

If you have worked with sheet metal pieces where fastening is conducted with the use of rivet-based hardware, then you have likely had the chance to take advantage of a strap duplicator. When creating rivet holes for securing parts together, it is essential that all holes are properly aligned. As eyeballing alignment can quickly lead to errors and frustration, it is best to use a strap duplicator.

Strap duplicators are fairly simplistic handheld tools, coming in the form of a long tong with two ends. At the end of each end is a punch hole, those of which align with one another. When working with certain sheet metal pieces, it can be difficult to find exactly where rivet holes are situated on the underside of an assembly. As such, the strap duplicator is placed under the workpiece with the lower punch pin hole moved around until the rivet hole is found. With the top punch hole being aligned with the lower hole, one can determine exactly where a rivet hole should be established so that everything is properly aligned.

Depending on the application in question and one’s particular needs, there are a few types of strap duplicators that one may use. Generally, the most common options include bushing, inverted, and punch strap duplicators. While each will vary in their exact design, they all perform the same role of locating and aligning rivet holes on pieces of sheet metal. Nevertheless, it is still highly recommended that one takes the time to research their needs and options so that the most suitable match can be found. If you are working with various types of workpieces and holes, it may be beneficial to have multiple types on hand due to their low price.

Despite seeming somewhat unnecessary, there are many cases in which strap duplicators are essential. For instance, aerospace manufacturing companies regularly use strap duplicators during their production processes, ensuring perfect alignment. While other applications may be able to handle slight differences in alignment, there is no room for error in the aerospace industry as a result of stringent regulations, safety concerns, and more. Even with slight misalignment, sheet metal pieces may either not fit together or they will face poor structural integrity which is unacceptable for aviation sectors.

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