What Are Hydraulic Jacks and Their Uses?

When conducting maintenance or repair work on an aircraft or other vehicle type, it is important that individuals are able to safely inspect and perform work on all sides of the assembly. With a device known as a hydraulic jack, aircraft can safely be lifted so that accidents, damages, and injuries are all avoided.

Uses of  Hydraulic Jack

Depending on the size and weight of a particular aircraft, there are multiple hydraulic jack types that may be used during operations. Due to the important role that hydraulic jack equipment serves for both maintenance and repair operations, it is crucial that workers understand how to properly utilize them.

Generally speaking, a hydraulic jack is a device that utilizes a hydraulic cylinder and compressed liquids in order to lift a heavy load. The lifting power of hydraulic jack equipment is made possible through the force that is generated from the pressure stored within the chamber of the cylinder. During a standard lifting operation, the hydraulic jack transfers oil through two cylinders with the aid of a pump plunger. As the pump plungers is drawn back, a suction valve opens up so that oil can enter into the pump chamber. As the oil enters the pump chamber, the plunger will begin to push downwards so that the oil is then forced through an external discharge valve and into the chamber of the cylinder. Upon reaching the chamber, the suction valve is closed off and pressure will begin increasing within the chamber. With the pressure built up in the chamber, sufficient force is achievable for lifting heavy objects. Furthermore, the process of building pressure with the pump plunger, suction valve, discharge valve, and cylinders can be repeated in order to continue lifting an object.

When searching for hydraulic jack types, there are numerous configurations that may be beneficial for varying assemblies. The tripod jack type is one of the most commonly used variations, and it is capable of lifting aircraft for maintenance and inspection procedures. As a type of floor jack, the tripod jack should always be used on flat surfaces to ensure proper orientation and load distribution across its three legs. Similar to all other hydraulic jack types, the tripod jack utilizes a hydraulic cylinder and pump plunger assembly for generating the necessary lifting power for an operation. If the aircraft that one is operating on has an angle of incline, bipod or quadrupod hydraulic jacks may be the best fit.

Axle jacks are also quite common, though they are only used to lift up the wheels of an aircraft rather than the whole fuselage. This is because such equipment is mostly reserved for maintenance that is specifically focused on the wheels, tires, struts, or brakes. Depending on the need, there are three main variations of the axle jack which are the hand-carried, horseshoe, and outrigger type. With each option, a different method of operation is provided which may benefit varying needs.

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March 15, 2022

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