Best Traded Aeroplane Spare Parts of 2020

                                            Recent Top Selling Aircraft, NSN, and Electronics Components Listing

2-22724 2255761-25 287251 40820
90004417 DVD-30LI PTN3-25E2-S1 SA9570-6
SCL4082AC CTCA-21H-1 1087-1006-CA 1101-863
218-0861 287A6212-25 800270-503 8M902-1
APTE-2B-2250-85D AX3060CJ 01-1260AL24-8MM 09205072-01
1N4156 2116-003 2116-684 430202-01-0
539937 62150-207 642S-CE AS49215
B595160001 SCR02472JP FC000BB2A0A0A0R SCR024752FP
ICM7224IPL N25Q512A11G1240 MMB02070E1004BB200 LSG3DG2-1
27P50V MS24665-287 XKD10306 VV020787CBV

Trending CAGE Codes with their Respective Manufacturers and NSN

CAGE Code LookUp Manufacturer Top 3 NSNs for CAGE Code
D8095 Goodrich Lighting Systems Inc 5940-12-166-3235 2540-12-179-2232 6220-12-372-4373
63367 B E Aerospace Inc 7240-01-242-6672 7310-01-243-0310 5331-01-523-7774
56135 C And D Zodiac Inc 1560-01-504-3635 5340-01-666-4617 6220-01-513-2024
8W928 Eaton Corporation 5342-00-241-0216 1660-01-526-3266 5342-01-142-0004
0V369 Imeco Inc 3110-01-462-1712 5950-01-580-3330 5925-01-540-2338
93835 Parker Hannifin Ltd 1650-01-338-9414 5330-01-163-5836 5360-00-172-8316

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