List of Helicopter Flotation System Parts

Emergency flotation systems are an important part of a helicopter, ensuring that they have as low of a chance as possible to sink or capsize in water during impact or a controlled ditching. To maintain flotation of the aircraft, helicopters keep pressurized cylinders inflated with gases that are stored for emergencies. A helicopter life raft is another critical component for safety, providing for passengers to rest and remove themselves from the water to decrease risks. Life jackets should be used as well for aid in flotation for adults and children over the age of 3. Life jackets will often contain accessories such as flashlights and whistles to help in search and rescue efforts.

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Part No Description RFQ
QB18776 electrical valve kit RFQ
QB11761 electrical valve RFQ
PS4023M270ET292A hose RFQ
PS4023H134EF346A hose RFQ
PS4023H134EE336A hose RFQ
PS4023H000AF300A hose RFQ
PS4023H000AE306A hose RFQ
PS4023H000AE232A hose RFQ
PS4022H000AC283 hose RFQ
OHSS-SK1 signal kit bag RFQ
OHSS-LVC-100-1 life vest cover RFQ
OHSS-BO105-2 float cover rh RFQ
OHSS-BO105-1 float cover lh RFQ
OHSS-407-100-9 float cover lh aft RFQ
OHSS-407-100-4 float cover mid RFQ
OHSS-407-100-3 float cover fwd RFQ
OHSS-407-100-10 float cover rh aft RFQ
OHSS-206-100-3 float cover 206b mid & fwd, 206l fwd, 206l4 fwd RFQ
OHSS-206-100-126 float cover 206l4 rh mid RFQ
OHSS-206-100-125 float cover 206l4 lh mid RFQ
OHSS-206-100-1 float cover 206b aft, 206l mid & aft, 206l4 aft RFQ
HF500-105 float repair RFQ
HF500-104 md 500d oem replacement utility float rh RFQ
HF500-103 md 500d oem replacement utility float lh RFQ
HF500-102 md 500c oem replacement utility float rh RFQ
HF500-101 md 500c oem replacement utility float lh RFQ
HF369-104 md500c oem replacement float rh RFQ
HF369-103 md500c oem replacement float lh RFQ
HF369-102 md369d/e/500n oem replacement float rh RFQ
HF206-101 206a/b replacement utility float RFQ
G10511-2 guide RFQ
G10511-1 slide RFQ
G10221-2 as350 rh outboard stiffener RFQ
G10221-1 as350 lh outboard stiffener RFQ
F082-3 lh fwd fairing assembly RFQ
F082-2 rh fwd fairing RFQ
ERA9090H129 hose assembly RFQ
ERA9045H120 hose assembly RFQ
D3448-1 adapter RFQ
AE85898M vent valve RFQ
AE85692P frangible fitting RFQ
AE85667M fitting RFQ
AE7013J0245-000 hose RFQ
AE7010206J0310 hose RFQ
AE7010206G0150 hose RFQ
AE7010200H0250 hose RFQ
AE7010106H0340 hose RFQ
AE7010106H0212 hose RFQ
AE7010101K0335 hose RFQ
AE7010100H0354 hose RFQ
AE7010000M0180 hose RFQ
AE5364H0221-090 hose RFQ
AE5364H0217-252 hose RFQ
AE2463511K0124 hose assembly RFQ
AE2463502H0256 hose assembly RFQ
AE1011664H0421 hose RFQ
7172 handle RFQ
651.3409 h145 emergency float system valve cover RFQ
651.3402 h145 emergency float system RFQ
651.3401 h145 emergency float system with integrated liferafts RFQ
651.1501 h145 external liferaft system (elrs) RFQ
651.0512 aw119 emergency float system - w/o skid extensions RFQ
651.0512 aw119 emergency float system - w/o skid extensions RFQ
651.0509 aw119 emergency float system with integrated liferafts - fixed provisions RFQ
651.0508 aw119 emergency float system - hoist compatible RFQ
651.0506 aw119 emergency float system - hoist & searchlight compatible RFQ
651.0506 aw119 emergency float system - hoist & searchlight compatible RFQ
651.0504 aw119 emergency float system - searchlight compatible RFQ
651.0503 aw119 emergency float system with integrated liferafts - searchlight compatible RFQ
651.0501 aw119 emergency float system with integrated liferafts RFQ
650.8604 shoulder screw fastener assembly RFQ
650.3913 doubler plate RFQ
650.3912 doubler plate RFQ
650.3902 rh pivot step doubler RFQ
650.3901 lh pivot step doubler RFQ
650.2509 s-76 pull cable RFQ
650.2508 s-76 pull cable RFQ
650.2002 s-76d external lightweight emergency liferafts RFQ
650.1601 worm clamp, quick release RFQ
650.131 quick disconnect RFQ
650.0304 cover rh RFQ
650.0303 cover lh RFQ
650.0302 cover detachable rh RFQ
650.0301 cover detachable lh RFQ
649.9401 r66 emergency float system with skid extensions RFQ
649.9302 skid extension assembly rh (r66) RFQ
649.9301 skid extension assembly lh (r66) RFQ
649.9204 r66 aft rh float cover RFQ
649.9203 r66 aft lh float cover RFQ
649.9202 r66 fwd rh float cover RFQ
649.9201 r66 fwd lh float cover RFQ
649.9001 r66 reservoir assembly RFQ
649.8901 r66 pull cable RFQ
649.8704 lh aft float assembly RFQ
649.8703 rh aft float assembly RFQ
649.8403 lh fwd float assembly RFQ
649.8402 rh fwd float assembly RFQ
649.5502 lower clamp assembly RFQ
649.5501 upper clamp assembly RFQ
649.1602 liferaft container assembly rh (universal elrs) RFQ
649.1601 liferaft container assembly lh (universal elrs) RFQ
649.0701 liferaft control panel (universal elrs) RFQ
648.7801 grounding cable assembly RFQ
648.7501 bell 412 liferaft reservoir assembly RFQ
647.7002 doubler assembly rh RFQ
647.7001 doubler assembly lh RFQ
647.6903 inflation handle assembly RFQ
647.6103 aw139 lightweight emergency float system with integrated liferafts (18-man) RFQ
647.6101 aw139 lightweight emergency float system with integrated liferafts (15-man) RFQ
647.5601 float reservoir RFQ
647.5502 liferaft reservoir assembly RFQ
647.5403 reservoir RFQ
647.5303 reservoir assembly RFQ
647.5103 reservoir RFQ
646.8712 fwd fuel vent extension RFQ
646.8702 ec 135 fuel vent RFQ
646.8701 ec 135 fuel vent kit RFQ
646.8401 t-handle clamp assembly RFQ
646.8201 inflation handle assembly RFQ
646.7602 jar-ops 3.830 compliance kit compatible with ec145 tri-bag floats RFQ
646.5908 manual release cable RFQ
646.5904 pull cable assembly RFQ
646.5903 pull cable assembly RFQ
646.5902 pull cable assembly RFQ
646.5711 channel RFQ
646.571 channel RFQ
646.5607 cover, fwd rh, w/guard RFQ
646.5405 fwd float assembly, rh with guard RFQ
645.971 stud RFQ
645.9501 s-76 retrieval pole kit RFQ
645.9001 bracket assembly RFQ
645.8601 aw139 t-handle doubler RFQ
645.8203 cable RFQ
645.8202 cable RFQ
645.651 puncture disc retainer RFQ
645.5905-045-144-08 valve assembly RFQ
645.5503 pull cable RFQ
645.5502 pull cable RFQ
645.4501 s-76 solenoid bracket RFQ
645.3604 pull cable RFQ
645.3603 pull cable RFQ
645.3602 pull cable RFQ
645.3601 pull cable assembly RFQ
645.3304 s-76 door restraint strap RFQ
645.3303 s-76 door restraint base RFQ
645.3301 s-76 door restraint strap RFQ
645.2801 viewing window RFQ
645.2714 lh inboard bracket RFQ
645.2502 access panel assembly RFQ
645.2413 pull cable RFQ
645.2412 pull cable assembly RFQ
645.241 aw139 pull cable assembly RFQ
645.2404 pull cable RFQ
645.2403 pull cable RFQ
645.2303 top cover assembly RFQ
645.1804 -6 single inlet check RFQ
645.1201 reservoir assembly RFQ
645.0909 sar conformity kit RFQ
645.0905 aw139 external handle conversion package RFQ
645.0904 aw139 lightweight emergency liferafts (high density 18-man overload with externa RFQ
645.0903 aw139 lightweight emergency liferaft kit (15-man overload with external handles) RFQ
645.0902 aw139 lightweight emergency liferaft (hd 18-man overload, internal handles) RFQ
645.0901 aw139 lightweight emergency liferaft kit (15-man overload with internal handles) RFQ
645.0102 cable handle assembly RFQ
645.0101 cable handle assembly RFQ
644.9812 reservoir bottle floor bracket RFQ
644.9811 reservoir bottle floor bracket RFQ
644.9802 liferaft reservoir cover RFQ
644.9404 s-76 liferaft pod assembly rh RFQ
644.9403 s-76 liferaft pod assembly lh RFQ
644.9402 s-76 lr pod assembly rh RFQ
644.9401 s-76 lr pod assembly lh RFQ
644.9216 s-76 external doubler RFQ
644.9201 s-76 inflation handle pod assembly RFQ
644.9115 label, symmetrical load RFQ
644.9114 label, max baggage RFQ
644.9113 label, secured baggage RFQ
644.9112 label, baggage capacity RFQ
644.9111 label, no passengers RFQ
644.911 label, strut service RFQ
644.9001 float manifold RFQ
644.8903 door shim kit RFQ
644.8814 shroud plate RFQ
644.8803 shroud cable RFQ
644.8601 liferaft reservoir mount RFQ
644.8512 bracket RFQ
644.8511 bracket RFQ
644.8501 plate RFQ
644.8012 brackets RFQ
644.8011 channel RFQ
644.801 channel RFQ
644.7905 endcap assembly RFQ
644.7904 cover rh aft-r44 RFQ
644.7903 cover lh aft-r44 RFQ
644.7902 cover rh fwd-r44 RFQ
644.7901 cover lh fwd-r44 RFQ
644.7701 r44 reservoir assembly RFQ
644.7602 r44 cyl neck support cover assembly RFQ
644.7601 r44 cylinder neck support assembly RFQ
644.7502 pull cable RFQ

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