List of NSN Parts - CAGE Code 66852

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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 66852

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 66852

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
SRNB24120 starter motor 6110-01-438-6635 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-3U31-SSO-1 5 8 IN-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3095 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-340BX-SS-277 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6074 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-340BX-SS-120 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6047 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-317-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3084 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-317-SS0-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-449-0728 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-2U32-SSO-6 fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3101 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-240BX-SS-277 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6067 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-240BX-SS-120 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6045 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-217-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3088 Avl RFQ
SN2P9-217-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3080 Avl RFQ
SN2P9 3U31 SSO 1 5 8 IN 277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3105 Avl RFQ
SN2P9 2U32 SSO 6 fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3093 Avl RFQ
SN2P18-332-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3055 Avl RFQ
SN2P18 232 SSO 120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3051 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-3U31-SSO-1 5 8 IN-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3106 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-340BX-SS-277 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6080 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-340BX-SS-120 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6052 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-317-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3091 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-317-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3086 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-2U32-SSO-6 fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3103 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-2U32-SSO-6 fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3094 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-240BX-SS-277 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6073 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-217-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3090 Avl RFQ
SN2P16-217-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3082 Avl RFQ
SN2P16 240BX SS 120 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6046 Avl RFQ
SN2P12-332-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3049 Avl RFQ
SN2P12 232 SSO 277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3052 Avl RFQ
SN1P8-232-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3045 Avl RFQ
SN1P8-232-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3038 Avl RFQ
SN1P8-132-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3043 Avl RFQ
SN1P8-132-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3035 Avl RFQ
SN1P12-232-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3047 Avl RFQ
SN1P12-232-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3040 Avl RFQ
SFH32 heater thermal rele 5999-01-451-9073 Avl RFQ
S1 25 SS010UE fixture lighting 6210-01-619-1769 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-3U31-FD-SSO-1 5 8 IN-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3112 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-340BX-FD-SS-277 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6118 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-317-FD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-4869 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-317-FD-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-4866 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-2U32-FD-SSO-6 IN-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3104 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-2U32-FD-SSO-6 IN-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3113 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-240BX-FD-SS-277 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6112 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-240BX-FD-SS-120 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6085 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-217-FD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-4867 Avl RFQ
N2PG9-217-FD-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3108 Avl RFQ
N2PG9 340BX FD SS 120 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6102 Avl RFQ
N2PG18-332-FD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3078 Avl RFQ
N2PG18 332 FD SSO 120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3075 Avl RFQ
N2PG16-3U31-FD-SS0-1 5 8 IN-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3107 Avl RFQ
N2PG16-340BX-FD-SS-277 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6123 Avl RFQ
N2PG16-317-FD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-4870 Avl RFQ
N2PG16-2U32-FD-SSO-6 IN-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3102 Avl RFQ
N2PG16-2U32-FD-SSO-6 IN-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3109 Avl RFQ
N2PG16-240BX-FD-SS-277 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6116 Avl RFQ
N2PG16-240BX-FD-SS-120 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6093 Avl RFQ
N2PG16-217-FD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-4868 Avl RFQ
N2PG16-217-FD-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3110 Avl RFQ
N2PG16 3U31 FD SSO 1 5 8 IN 277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3097 Avl RFQ
N2PG16 340BX FD SS 120 fixture lighting 6210-01-450-6110 Avl RFQ
N2PG12-232-FD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3077 Avl RFQ
N2PG12-232-FD-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3073 Avl RFQ
LA-432-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3016 Avl RFQ
LA-432-SSO(2)-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3020 Avl RFQ
LA-432-SSO(2)-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3019 Avl RFQ
LA-332-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3014 Avl RFQ
LA-332-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3013 Avl RFQ
LA-232-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3012 Avl RFQ
LA-232-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3011 Avl RFQ
LA 432 SSO 120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3015 Avl RFQ
F412A-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2952 Avl RFQ
F412A-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2950 Avl RFQ
F-414A-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2963 Avl RFQ
F-414A-SSO(2)-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2970 Avl RFQ
F-414A-SSO(2)-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2968 Avl RFQ
F-413A-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2962 Avl RFQ
F-413A-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2960 Avl RFQ
F-412A-W-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2958 Avl RFQ
F-412A-W-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2957 Avl RFQ
F-182-40MR-120VOLT fixture lighting 6210-01-032-0679 Avl RFQ
F-122-32-A-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2948 Avl RFQ
F-122-32-A-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2944 Avl RFQ
F-121-32-A-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2949 Avl RFQ
F 414A SSO 277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2966 Avl RFQ
F 121 32 A SSO 277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-2945 Avl RFQ
1TGA-232-SD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3010 Avl RFQ
1TGA-232-SD-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3009 Avl RFQ
1TGA-132-SD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3006 Avl RFQ
1TGA-132-SD-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3005 Avl RFQ
1PG8-232-FD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3070 Avl RFQ
1PG8-232-FD-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3059 Avl RFQ
1PG8-132-FD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3064 Avl RFQ
1PG8-132-FD-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3056 Avl RFQ
1PG16-232-FD-SSO-277V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3072 Avl RFQ
1PG16-232-FD-SSO-120V fixture lighting 6210-01-446-3061 Avl RFQ

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