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CAGE Code : C4891

Accelerating RFQs is your sourcing solutions for parts made by Hirose Electric Gmbh. We stock more than 2 billion parts including H2BBG-10112-S8-ND, H2BXG-10103-B8-ND, H2BXG-10103-R4-ND, H2BBG-10112-W4-ND, H2BXG-10108-L8-ND. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we operate a strict sourcing and shipping method for all our NSN parts. Each part is quality-checked by a member of our team before it is shipped out.

We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. Our shipping and supply chain was designed to be quick and adaptive to our customers’ timeframes. We can accommodate any AOG situations using expedited and same-day shipping measures. Submit an RFQ today and receive a quote within 15 minutes.

Part No RFQ
H2BBG-10112-S8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-B8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-R4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10112-W4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-L8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-V6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-Y8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-V6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-G8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-G8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-B6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-S8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-A4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10112-W6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-L4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-Y6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-Y4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10112-V4-ND RFQ
72022SC RFQ
H2BXG-10103-A6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-L6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-W8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-A4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-L6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-S4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-L4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-Y6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-L4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-Y4-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-G8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-N4-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-A4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-G6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-A8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-R8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-B4-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-B8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-V4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-R4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-W6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-R6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-B4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-S4-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-N4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-L6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-N6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-R4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-L6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-N8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-N8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-B4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-R8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10104-Y8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-A8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-S6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-Y4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-B6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-G6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-B4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-V8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-B8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-V8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-L6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-A6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-V4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-R8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-G4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-W8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-S6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-N4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-L8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10104-Y6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-G6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-S8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-L4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-V4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-B6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-R4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-W4-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-N8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-L6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-R6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-G4-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-N4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-B6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-S4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-G8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-B6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-G8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-G4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-G6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10105-Y8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-Y6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-A8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10112-W8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-N4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-L8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-L4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-R6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10112-V6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-N6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-G6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-V8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-G6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-W4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-A8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-B8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-A4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-Y4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-S6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10112-V8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-S4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10105-W4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-W6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10105-Y4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-S6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-N6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-A4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-A8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-R4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-W4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-L8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-A8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-S4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-S6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-A6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10105-V6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-R6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-V8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-G4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-B8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-N6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-N8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10105-Y6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-W6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-S8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-G4-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-A6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-W8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-W8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-R8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-S8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-L8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-B8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-G8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-L6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-S4-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-G4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-V4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-N8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-V6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10112-Y8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-N6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-G8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-G8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-B6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-A6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-N8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-L8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-B4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-L6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-R6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-R8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-L4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-G4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-R4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-G6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-Y8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10105-V8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-L8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10110-N4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-G6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-N6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10105-W8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-S6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-R6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10112-Y6-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10106-B4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-A6-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10105-L4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-W6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-V6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-L8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-Y8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-B6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-N4-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10102-Y8-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10112-Y4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10102-Y6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-A4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-R8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10103-W4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-S8-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10105-W6-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10108-B8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-L4-ND RFQ
H2BBG-10105-V4-ND RFQ
H2BXG-10106-B8-ND RFQ
H3BXG-10103-G4-ND RFQ

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