What are Aircraft Engine Mounts and Their Types?

An aircraft engine mount is a structural component that holds the engine and connects it to the frame or body of the aircraft. These mounts must be a highly sturdy foundation in order to hold and support the aircraft engine with all of its movements. Normally, an aircraft engine mount takes the form of a web to bolster support and hold the engine steady as it vibrates while running. The mount also serves the function of safely distributing these vibrations across the entire aircraft to make for a smooth flight. This also prevents damaging vibrations from ruining critical components of the aircraft.

Currently, market players are introducing advanced materials and technologies to offer enhanced motion, shock, vibration, and noise control solutions. While most aircraft engine mounts are made of either a steel chrome molybdenum alloy or tubular steel, the latter is a stronger substance than steel alloys as they are not mixed with other elements. Moreover, tubular steel is pure steel metal, so it can be fabricated into thinner, narrower products when compared to other materials, all the  while providing the same amount of strength and support. Aircraft engine mounts are available in many shapes and sizes, and should be built to meet the specific demands of each aircraft. For example, a smaller aircraft with a larger engine would require more support incorporated into the material of the mount while also ensuring that the frame does not occupy too much space.  

There are three main types of aircraft engine mounts: the conical engine mount, the dynafocal engine mount, and the bed mount. The first type of engine mount, the conical engine mount, is the simplest as it is easy to install and maintain. Additionally, it is the smallest structure and provides a lot of open space which can be used when conducting repairs on the engine or the mount itself. Conical engine mounts are best used in traditional aircraft, passenger aircraft, and less heavy planes. They meet the engine at only four points for support, so aircraft that require greater support should turn to one of the other common types of engine mounts.

For instance, the second type of engine mount, the dynafocal engine mount, is designed specifically for each aircraft to rely on the vehicle’s unique gravity points. These engine mounts are stronger than conical engine mounts and work better to suppress vibrations created by the engine, as well as to maintain the flow of force created by torque. Dynafocal engine mounts are built in a ring shape, and they provide more structural support than conical engine mounts. However, although they are sturdier, they are also more expensive because of their complex structure, often making them less desirable for commercial aircraft. Additionally, dynafocal engine mounts are known to limit access to the engine for repairs and installation.

The third and last main type of aircraft engine mounts is the bed mount. These engine mounts are mostly used with diesel and Rotax engines, and they provide greater structural strength and engine connectivity than other engine mounts. Like their name, bed mounts provide support from below, with the engine resting on top of the mount and attached at four fastening points. The most unique feature of the bed engine mount is that it is installed under a crankcase which holds the crank mechanism for the engine.

Presently, the market is growing in response to surges in air traffic and innovations in aerospace technology, leading to demands for additional parts. This has resulted in raising concerns for passenger safety, which relates directly to the increase in demands for specific aircraft engine mounts. On top of necessary safety adjustments, increased cabin stability attracts additional consumers.

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