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CAGE Code : 70513, 19954, 1W134, 7F841, 96170, 1NDU7, 31795, 4BQ07, 94366, 98121, 9A063, 17472, 1NG36, 30NA9, 54713, 9A068, 0FWX7, 22778, 4S7M4, 17875, 36KU7, 4X816, 54412, 74193, 99185, 99643, 9A070, 73460, 8F330, 1H1H3, 4BQB0, 51510, 27892, 72800, 77842, 96151, 9A066, 04181, 3LUX7, 1W143, 27193, 3LYM9, 60285, 92856, 0EWR3, 55459, 55840, 81155, 9A065, 34657, 81640, 76374, 15605, 1MAM7, 3U188, 0KB55, 1HJG4, 7P109, 88869, K6794, 3PUP4, 81260, 9S240, 7Y587, 80900, 84243, 9A062, U1650, 09JD6, 18911, 20154, K1016, 00624, 39FE9, 55841, 6X441, 14414, 22796, 4ACA7, 4AGL7, 9U704, 15284, 3T846, 85757, 3B858, 8J069, 3LVG5, 70795, 0AXU3, 0X660, 9A069, 13654, 4P866, 88140, 8R885, 54987, 7W346, 51151, 68592, 9G527, 89946, U2569, 0EAX3, 1TGB8, 0CP84, 5H7N6, 81142, 12678, 6Y741, 8W928, 0DGD8, 18163, 2N497, 3LSN3, 4LPM8, SWY75, 9R076, 1G677, 3LYL9, U6287, 1G910, 81997, 12110, 380H0, 1TMY5, 3MBG7, 5Y490, 81118, 88026

Accelerating RFQs is your sourcing solutions for parts made by Eaton Corporation with CAGE code as 70513,19954,1W134,7F841,96170,1NDU7,31795,4BQ07,94366,98121,9A063,17472,1NG36,30NA9,54713,9A068,0FWX7,22778,4S7M4,17875,36KU7,4X816,54412,74193,99185,99643,9A070,73460,8F330,1H1H3,4BQB0,51510,27892,72800,77842,96151,9A066,04181,3LUX7,1W143,27193,3LYM9,60285,92856,0EWR3,55459,55840,81155,9A065,34657,81640,76374,15605,1MAM7,3U188,0KB55,1HJG4,7P109,88869,K6794,3PUP4,81260,9S240,7Y587,80900,84243,9A062,U1650,09JD6,18911,20154,K1016,00624,39FE9,55841,6X441,14414,22796,4ACA7,4AGL7,9U704,15284,3T846,85757,3B858,8J069,3LVG5,70795,0AXU3,0X660,9A069,13654,4P866,88140,8R885,54987,7W346,51151,68592,9G527,89946,U2569,0EAX3,1TGB8,0CP84,5H7N6,81142,12678,6Y741,8W928,0DGD8,18163,2N497,3LSN3,4LPM8,SWY75,9R076,1G677,3LYL9,U6287,1G910,81997,12110,380H0,1TMY5,3MBG7,5Y490,81118,88026. We stock more than 2 billion parts including 9575H2007A, F66821-20, 6850-12, MS27616-6C, 145S9-16D12. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we operate a strict sourcing and shipping method for all our NSN parts such as 5945000809691, 4730000178232, 4730000968875, 4730002668301, 4730003482012. Each part is quality-checked by a member of our team before it is shipped out.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC-0056B accredited company. Our shipping and supply chain was designed to be quick and adaptive to our customers’ timeframes. We can accommodate any AOG situations using expedited and same-day shipping measures. Submit an RFQ today and receive a quote within 15 minutes.

Part No RFQ
9575H2007A RFQ
F66821-20 RFQ
6850-12 RFQ
MS27616-6C RFQ
145S9-16D12 RFQ
AE16111-21-16U RFQ
MS27060-5C RFQ
AN784D12 RFQ
3773-06546-546-129 RFQ
AE1011498H0175 RFQ
315121-6 RFQ
AN939-6 RFQ
AN929-4J RFQ
AE712983-08 RFQ
AC1000C16 RFQ
330202-10 RFQ
801A50-0006A RFQ
M666300-4-0146 RFQ
420-75-362S RFQ
114PS404-1 RFQ
015591S7-8D RFQ
TA155S4-12 RFQ
AN893-20K RFQ
15-700 RFQ
LD83001E04 RFQ
97981 RFQ
AE20074-082 ITEM 3 RFQ
881K21810T02A02 RFQ
128-601003J0114 RFQ
980005-6S RFQ
FD45-1003-08-10 RFQ
AE717755-5 RFQ
A155S4-12 RFQ
AE719350-1 RFQ
320-62-225SH RFQ
LA-AE1014404N0240 RFQ
AE706292-11 RFQ
AE16164-12-16 RFQ
8844-24-20D RFQ
AE16338-12 RFQ
LS1014314 RFQ
AE2463494J0144 RFQ
AN919-11 RFQ
T666305-4-0110 RFQ
366-62-406S RFQ
AE708297-239 RFQ
AE712983-16 RFQ
AE705878-1 RFQ
AE6665017E0086 RFQ
AN840-21D RFQ
22068-12 RFQ
AN816-4-4S RFQ
G6505-8L RFQ
601392-6D0206 RFQ
440-8 RFQ
MS51825-2 RFQ
D10023-100806 RFQ
412-12-16S RFQ
AN929-5J RFQ
MS20822-6-2J RFQ
D10046-8 RFQ
AN777-4D RFQ
AE1001228H0232 RFQ
140S2-8D RFQ
AN784D10 RFQ
AE16117-16 RFQ
AE1007930E0370 RFQ
F22804D10-10-10 RFQ
D9855-8 RFQ
TB155S4-6 RFQ
AE713941-46 RFQ
AE713733-2 RFQ
9345-24 RFQ
AE1011939 RFQ
R756-16C RFQ
AE7010000G0960 RFQ
AN929-5S RFQ
2-01090W2016 RFQ
F6699-8 RFQ
326-62-881S RFQ
820-38 RFQ
MBC520C88-580M RFQ
AE6000B0306-270 RFQ
MS27058-16C RFQ
NE100802-0862 RFQ
AN919-16 RFQ
980628-4 RFQ
AE719120-1 RFQ
AN911-8D RFQ
AN804-3 RFQ
325-625-1150S RFQ
290-200 RFQ
AN918-1D RFQ
365-52-919SH RFQ
1-01088D6 RFQ
601433-8D0115 RFQ
AE713879-59 RFQ
924708-16 RFQ
1-02161D5 RFQ
AE16126-3 RFQ
AE1007597F0177 RFQ
AN916-3 RFQ
LD83023-4 RFQ
D10019-10 RFQ
MS27228-12 RFQ
1-01274J06 RFQ
D9855-4 RFQ
950645-4-0176 RFQ
4739-6B RFQ
D10021-5 RFQ
AE707689-3 RFQ
000-950247N0236 RFQ
901-208-1-4A RFQ
320-63-231M RFQ
AE16132-10 RFQ
LD83025-6 RFQ
71780 RFQ
190111-5S RFQ
AS621-06L0210 RFQ
AN912-5S RFQ
71188-001 RFQ
5-01032-0806 RFQ
LD83001-24 RFQ
AE2463922G0136 RFQ
AC1071C08 RFQ
R506-8C RFQ
AC1089C08 RFQ
AN816-2B RFQ
AE16423-040604 RFQ
AN833-28D RFQ
AE4699E0151-270 RFQ
AN844-16 RFQ
307733S11-12S RFQ
AE7101132-1 RFQ
70-061K000T334A RFQ
999-1-46X1PC5D RFQ
CVC4253W8-6 RFQ
AE701311J0103 RFQ
AE16170-6 RFQ
5-01032-0804 RFQ
D9855-3 RFQ
AN919-2 RFQ
AE5173350A3A104 RFQ
1-01236T14 RFQ
1-02156T2 RFQ
16505-575-1-5A RFQ
S3-5-16X1-8 RFQ
F66693-12 RFQ
3402-8 RFQ
375207-20 RFQ
MS21914-3D RFQ
155S5-4 RFQ
AN919-15J RFQ
16502-350M RFQ
AN911-3D RFQ
5400-4 RFQ
2045-6-6S RFQ
326-625-5-230S RFQ
F6633-3-4 RFQ
93H00-4-1006-8 RFQ
AN816-10-12D RFQ
5601-16-16S RFQ
AC1090C0608 RFQ
AN815-24 RFQ
S2808-12A0310 RFQ
MS21900D12 RFQ
114PS485-1 RFQ
390267-4 RFQ
AE710532-2 REV.A RFQ
601002-8D0153 RFQ
AE4695G0185-025 RFQ
365-63-1163S RFQ
326-62-538SH RFQ
AN846-12D RFQ
AE706107-1 RFQ
AE5173250A9A104 RFQ
1158-08D RFQ
AN816-7D RFQ
B3005S4-24D RFQ
323018-6 RFQ
7590K6 RFQ
AN832-6 RFQ
22712-4500 RFQ
G6506-12L RFQ
AE16195-16 RFQ
AE16397-211616 RFQ
900752-28 RFQ
AE16339-8 RFQ
M666371-4-0135 RFQ
24584-794 RFQ
359-3D-0114 RFQ
DDV95 33 RFQ
G6505-6 RFQ

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