The Significance of Board Level Components in Electronic Circuits

In the world of electronics, printed circuit boards (PCBs) serve as the foundation for constructing complex electronic circuits, and they are composed of various components that possess their own specific functions and purposes. In particular, one crucial aspect of PCB design is the incorporation of board level components. In this blog, we will explore what these devices are, their importance in electronic circuits, and their various types and applications so you can pick the right product(s) for your particular applications.

As a whole, board level components refer to the electronic mechanisms that are directly mounted onto the PCB itself, forming an integral part of a circuit. Typically soldered onto the PCB, these devices are essential for the functioning and performance of the wider electronic system, as they create electrical connections that enable the flow of signals and power.

Importance of Board Level Components

As aforementioned, board level components significantly contribute to the proper functioning of electronic circuits. More specifically, these components provide specific functions such as signal amplification, power regulation, signal conditioning, data storage, and communication–all of which contribute to the overall performance, reliability, and functionality of the system.

Types of Board Level Components

To categorize board level components, it is customary to classify them based on their construction and usage. Some of their most common types are:

1. Integrated Circuits (ICs): For starters, integrated circuits are miniature electronic devices that contain multiple electronic parts, such as transistors, resistors, and capacitors that are all integrated onto a single chip. ICs perform various functions, such as amplification, signal processing, and logic operations.

2. Resistors: Resistors are passive electronic components that restrict the flow of electric currents, and they are frequently used to control the voltage and current levels in a circuit, adjust signal levels, and provide voltage division.

3. Capacitors: Another useful component are capacitors, which store and release electrical energy. In fact, they are applied for energy storage to smooth power supply voltages, filter signals, and couple AC and DC signals.

4. Inductors: Utilized in applications such as filtering, energy storage, and impedance matching, inductors are mechanisms that store energy in the form of a magnetic field.

5. Transistors: Transistors are active semiconductor devices that amplify or switch electronic signals. It is also worth noting that they are key components in amplifiers, oscillators, and digital circuits.

6. Diodes: Lastly, diodes allow current to flow in one direction while blocking it in the opposite direction. Furthermore, these devices are commonly employed for rectification, signal demodulation, and voltage regulation.

Applications of Board Level Components

As key features of electronic systems, board level components are recognized for their wide-ranging applications, some of which we will outline in this section.

1. Consumer Electronics: To begin, devices like smartphones, laptops, televisions, and gaming consoles rely heavily on board level components for their operation and functionality.

2. Industrial Control Systems: Board level components are used in industrial control systems for manufacturing processes, automation, and instrumentation.

3. Medical Devices: Electronic medical devices, ranging from diagnostic equipment to implantable devices, also incorporate board level components for accurate sensing, monitoring, and control in their operations.

4. Automotive Electronics: Components integrated into the PCBs of automobiles enable critical functions like engine control, as well as the functionality of safety and entertainment systems.

5. Aerospace and Defense: Alongside their other applications, board level components play an especially crucial role in avionics, communication systems, radar systems, and guidance systems for aerospace and defense tasks.


As we mentioned in this blog, board level components are the building blocks of electronic circuits, as they ensure proper functioning, reliability, and performance. Understanding the role and importance of board level components in PCB design is essential for engineers and designers to create efficient and reliable electronic systems. With that said, by carefully selecting and incorporating the appropriate board level products, engineers can achieve optimal performance and meet the demands of modern electronic applications.

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