What Fasteners Are Common to Motorsport and Aviation Vehicles?

Whether one is working with an aircraft, automobile, or other vehicle type, such assemblies regularly consist of a large number of fastener types that keep them together with ease. Depending on the structure in question and its particular needs, various types of fastener may be used. For example, the fasteners relied on for securing skins sections on an aircraft fuselage are different from those used to assemble a seat, making it important that one is familiar with the various types of hardware they may have to work with if they ever seek to conduct maintenance or repair. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common fastener types found on various vehicles, helping you expand your knowledge and preparedness.

Dzus Fasteners

Dzus fasteners are common to a wide variety of applications, and they are quick to install and remove while providing rapid access to whatever compartment or assembly they may be present on. A typical Dzus fastener will come in the form of a spring-loaded stud that is encapsulated within a plate, and such hardware can be secured to a surface using rivets. Dzus fasteners are often used to temporarily lock a panel in place, requiring one to turn the stud back and forth to unlock or lock the panel. Dzus fasteners are very easy to use and are quite resistant to vibration to avoid accidental release, and they only require a screwdriver, Dzus tool, coin, or similar shaped object to open and close. Dzus fasteners were first developed in the 1930s, originally being used on aircraft panels for an ease of access and maintenance. Since then, their use has extended to race cars and other various assemblies.

Camloc Fasteners

Camloc fasteners are a type of quarter-turn fastener, making them similar to Dzus fasteners. With a camloc fastener, a head featuring a recess is present, and this recess can have a tool or key inserted for adjusting the position of a flange. By turning this flange back and forth, panels such as cabinet doors or other similar structures can be locked or secured with ease. In some instances, a camloc fastener may just have a push-button to make use much easier.

Bonnet Pins

Bonnet pins are a type of hardware fastener that features a threaded pin with a hole, and this pin is secured within a lower panel or bracket before being locked in place with two nuts. With a hole cut out in the outer panel, the pin can protrude. Typically, a second part of the assembly, that of which may be an R-clip or a wire, will be passed through the bonnet pin to ensure it does not open. For the most aerodynamic option, modern bonnet pins may now often be procured with a flush-button head.

Blind Rivets

While basic rivets find use in countless applications, blind rivets in particular are specialized types that present one the ability to create a permanent joint from one side of an assembly. A typical blind rivet consists of a cylindrical body, internal mandrel, and a head on one side. When the rivet is passed through an assembly, a special tool can be used to draw the mandrel, causing it to expand the body of the rivet before it snaps off, locking the fastener in place. Generally, blind rivets are used on materials such as steel, stainless steel, monel, copper, and aluminum, and they may be found on aircraft, automobiles, and other such assemblies. Depending on the use of a blind rivet, such components may also come in subtypes such as black rivets or other similar options.

Spring Washer

While many of the previously mentioned fasteners are used to join an assembly, some components are also used to support loads and joints for the benefit of the assembly as a whole. One of these components is the spring washer, that of which is a circular component that is placed alongside bolts for the means of offering spring tension. The spring washer will generally be placed under the head of the fastener where it sits against the surface of the workpiece, and its deflection properties allow it to take on a variety of pressures to ensure the integrity and health of surrounding parts and workpieces. Additionally, spring washers are often useful when space is limited, as they can perform their duties while having a very low profile.

Hex Head Bolt

Often regarded as one of the most popular hardware fasteners, hex head bolts are simply bolt fasteners with a hexagonal-shaped head. While a seemingly unimportant design choice at first glance, the hexagon shape is actually very crucial as it allows for one to enact optimal torque while installing and removing the bolt for easier installation and removal processes. Despite this, the bolt is still very rigorous when installed, meaning that it can be relied on for more heavy-duty applications. Hex bolts feature an externally threaded shaft under their head which may be partial or full, and this threading mates with correlating nuts and washers to hold assemblies together. Typically, hex head bolts find use on machinery, construction projects, vehicles, and other such applications.


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March 15, 2022

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