Most Commonly Traded Aircraft Parts

Each day, millions of passengers worldwide board flights that span the entire globe. With thousands of aircraft racking up countless hours of flight, there is invariably the constant need for repair, maintenance, and new parts. Because of this, the aircraft parts market is in constant movement with an overflow of requests. What follows is a rundown of the ten most commonly purchased aircraft spare parts and a brief explanation of each.

1. Battery: Modern aircraft rely heavily on electric power, and the battery is the primary source of that. The most frequently purchased battery is part #2758, made for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft.

2. Aural Warning Modular Assy: Multi-channel playback units are used to provide supplemental warning tones or voice messages to the cabin and cockpit.

3. Brake Assy: The brake assy is the key factor in stopping an aircraft on the ground. The majority of aircraft use a disc-shaped brake assembly.

4. Constant Speed Drive: A type of transmission that delivers power to an output shaft at constant speed despite many varying inputs.

5. Wheel Assy: A typical two-piece aircraft wheel assy is made of aluminum or magnesium alloy. The two pieces are bolted together and feature a groove at the mating surface which seals the rim when equipped with a tubeless tire.

6. Receiver Transmitter: Transmitters have a wide range of uses in aircraft for telecommunications, radio, and connecting wireless computer networks.

7. TCAS/ACAS Antenna: Traffic Collision Avoidance System, designed to reduce mid-air collisions between aircraft. It monitors the air around an aircraft and senses other objects in nearby airspace.

8. Anti-icing valve: Improves flight safety by preventing the buildup of ice on engine cowls and flight control surfaces.

9. Windshield Assy: An aircraft windshield assy includes a window pane, frame, flange, and a cavity for the parts to fit into.

10. Box Relay: Relays are electromagnetic switches used to turn a circuit on and off with a low-power signal where several circuits are being controlled by one source.

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March 15, 2022

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