The Best Aircraft Cable Cutters to Cut Wires

If you’ve never worked within the aircraft industry, then you’ve probably never asked yourself what aircraft cables, are and which are the best for cutting wires without fraying. But if you’re here browsing our site, chances are that you’re definitely working in aviation and aerospace in some sector. And some information on aircraft cable cutters wouldn't hurt, so here we go.

An aircraft cable cutter is just that. It is a cable cutter designed specifically for the cables that are used in aviation. These types of cables are small diameter wire ropes consisting of several strands of small individual wires that are bundled together. Because this has a specialized function, these cables would be your best tool if you needed to sever some tough cables in aviation manufacturing. Attempting to use other cables could potentially damage and fray your cables, or else, cost you more time and effort to sever the cables.

The Different Types of Wire Cutter

There are different types of wire cutters including linemen’s wire cutters, locking wire cutter, needle nose wire cutters, diagonal wire cutters, round and nose wire cutters.

To briefly describe these cable cutters, let’s start with the first.

Linemen’s wire cutters

They are used for the purpose of wire stripping. Electricians use these to cut through or strip wires that have insulated handles. These handles are meant to protect the user from electric shock and feature sharp edges for cutting purposes.

Locking wire cutters

They are mainly used by carpenters who are working on sheets of metal. They feature locks which make them easier to set into place.

Needle nose wire cutters

They are the narrowest types of wire cutters. They’re often utilized in areas that require small spaces or require the extra-fine wires.

Diagonal wire cutter  

As the name indicates, are cutters with diamond shaped edges they can be used by both carpenters and electricians for versatile functions. Because they can be applied for almost any use, they’re known as the jack of all trades kind of wire cutter.

Aircraft Cable Cutter FAQs

1. What Is an Aircraft Cable Cutter?

As explained above, an aircraft cable cutter is a wire that consists of small diameter wire ropes stranded together into one rope.

2. Why Do You Need a Quality Cable Cutter?

A quality cable cutter can be very useful because they would be able to cleanly cut the cables without causing the cable to fray at the the ends. If cut improperly or cut with bad cutters, the strands that make up the cable start to split.

3.What is the Best Way to Cut Steel Cable Cleanly?

There are several methods to getting a clean cut out of the steel cables you are using. One such method is to use diagonal cutter to cut the wires up to a certain gauge. The cutters have an angled head that can cut right down to the core of braided cables. These cutters have scissors like handles that make it easier to use. Diagonal cutters are so powerful and so clean, that they can actually cut through several wires at once.

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March 15, 2022

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